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on website presentation of clubsounds project. Music project, established in the year 2000, is oriented on clubsound music, but it is not the rule for our creation. Whole production is coming-out from our sensations. So, you can hear hard trance and slow romantic melodies as well (recomended to try link 'clubsounds online').

short profile
Nickname: karki
Born: 1982
Location: Czech Republic
Zodiac: Capricorn
Official profile domain: www.lide.cz/karki.project

history of karki project
    2000 - First experiences with music, maybe we can speak just about some noises :)
    album: House of Feelings
    album: Inimitable

    2001 - Touching of simple melodic techno style, typical for these years...
    album: Dancestorm
    album: Dreamworld
    album: Different Ways
    (compilation for the contest of magazine XMAG)
    album: Azuro (Remixed album)
    album: Nodro (test of new music software - progressive deep style)
    album: Secret Arena (includes multimedia presentation of project)
    album: No Way to Dream

    ... it seems, this year was very bored :-)

    2002 - Steps are pointed to the clubing.
    album: Lovenoise
    album: Beams of Shadows
    album: Ravey Bounce

    2003 - Creation influenced by famous Andre 'ATB' Tanneberger.
               First version of website presentation started.
    album: Obsession

    2004 - UK Trance alliance member
    album: Sequence Six

    2005 - Very successful year in music production. From now it begins to be juicy.             Second version of webpresentation at www.karki-project.tk
    album: Remember This Moment

    2007 - Clubing style chumped with the trancey.
    album: Angel

    2008 - Sounds are streaming full speed ahead. Production influenced by new people.
    album: Who Says That I'm Perfect? (2CD edition released)

    2009 - Story continues. First remake produced - 'Lovefool 2009' (Cardigans).
               Thirth version of www presentation at www.karki.cz
    album: Royal Joyride (official release date 22/2/2009)